Saturday, February 27, 2010

Durian Challenge - My Life as a Foodie

WARNING: Mature Audiences Only. Contains adult language and situations. Forget all of the hype surrounding Durian. Sure, it smells horrible, but it tastes great. The fruit tastes more like a creamy, perfumy custard than the comparisons that have been made to runny, strong French cheese. Don visited Jakarta recently and emailed me that he'd eaten it from a street vendor, thereby throwing down the gauntlet. He brought an entire fresh fruit to my house and we ate it - outside of course. My wife will tolerate quite a bit, but she has her limits. Although the smell of this fruit is really bad - not unlike rotting garbage, eating it really wasn't much of a challenge. It had a flavor that, to me, was almost indescribable. Very unique, sweet, with an almost floral flavor. I enjoyed this very much, and would definitely eat it again. For more, visit
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