Tuesday, August 3, 2010

[ ep 06.v ] foodies mini-style!

So... you want to be a foodie? [ episode 6 ] circus s'moretzels hey! welcome to a mini-installment of our foodie show. not sure we can call this a "foodie" show anymore, but this is a delicious treat which involves fire in the making-always a good thing, right? many thanks to lara from circus contraption for this deeelightful dessert: "s'mortzels". if you're in the new york city area, come see the circus with us on thursday, september 29. for those of you who groove on wacky, dark cabaret music, let your ears delight to the supreme stylings of the circus contraption band, as featured on their most recent release, circus contraption's grand american traveling dime museum! and a thousand thanks to the cat dvd folks for sending our cat-stars their very own cat dvd. the introduction of cat dvd into our household has led to fights for control over the remote, but it keeps the kits extremely happy when we're away. is "like crack for kitties" an inappropriate motto? nuh-uh. totally on target. eat circus! send comments to the invincibles
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