Friday, October 8, 2010

Greek Salad Mediterranean diet Food TV�ܼ Healthy Cooking

Try this Mediterranean Diet salad. Greek salad is a healthy combo of of tomatoes, feta, Kalamata olives, oregano, olive oil, onions, peppers, and more. You can add capers and pickled or hot peppers to it, but don't add lettuce, ever! You can also add any fresh herbs, such as basil, marjoram, savory, or parsley. Greek Salad on Greek Food TV�ܼ - Greek Food - Mediterranean diet Recipes from Greece: GREEK SALAD By Diane Kochilas 6 SERVINGS for Greek Salad 4 medium firm, ripe tomatoes 1 medium cucumber 1 medium red onion 1-2 bell or long peppers, seeded and cut into rings Salt to taste on Greek Salad 3 - 4 oz. Greek feta, crumbled or sliced 1 tsp. dried Greek oregano 3 tablespoons extra virgin Greek olive oil Great Greek Salad 1. Wash, core and cut the tomatoes into wedges. Place in serving bowl. 2. Wash, peel, and slice cucumbers into ½-inch rounds. Place in bowl with tomatoes. 3. Peel onions, cut in half and then into 1/8 -- inch slices. Place in bowl. If using peppers, add to the salad. * 4. Season lightly with salt. Place feta on top. Sprinkle with oregano and dress with extra virgin Greek olive oil. Serve. Best Greek Salad and Mediterranean diet * Optional: You can also, of course, add a few (6) Greek olives, preferably Kalamata. Per Serving, with olives : 164 Calories; 12g Fat (64.0% calories from fat); 4g Protein; 11g Carbohydrate; 2g Dietary Fiber; 17mg Cholesterol; 458mg Sodium. That's it for your Greek Salad & Mediterranean diet. Well-known Greek food expert and ...
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