Sunday, October 10, 2010

Raw Food Recipe - Spicy Thai Cabbage Salad Spicy Thai Cabbage Salad is one of my favorite raw food recipes and super easy to make. Ive omitted the oil, cashews and raisins from this recipe because Im working on slashing the fat off my body as quickly as possible (the oil and cashews are high-fat and I didnt add the raisins because I didnt have any on hand). So far Ive lost a total of 13.6lbs in 13 days by eating only raw foods. My average weight loss is 1 pound per day on a raw food diet which is actually more than I was losing when I was doing the HCG diet! This recipe is also good for Phase 2 on the HCG diet. Heres the full recipe Ingredients: Red cabbage Green onions (shallots) Cashews, roughly chopped Raisins Apple cider vinegar Olive oil Chili powder (or cayenne pepper) I dont have measurements for this because I always eye it when making salads according to my taste. This video was filmed on February 10, 2010. Weight - 206.4lbs (starting weight was 220lbs). **************************** The EASIEST HCG mixing instructions on the web: For the CHEAPEST HCG supplies with the fastest FREE shipping on the web go to Check out my HCG diet before and after photos at You can also join my HCG diet forum here and get free HCG coaching. Buy super potent, highest purity HCG here
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