Friday, March 27, 2009

Denver's Best Late Night Eateries

Pete Kitchen's

Unsure of what you want? Visit Pete's Kitchen (1962 E Colfax Avenue, (303) 321-3139) and you'll be able to surf their extensive and very affordable menu. Open 24 hours, 7 days a week, bar-crawlers head here for a range of comfort food from chili to patty melts, Reubens to chicken fingers, but there's quite a few Greek specialities like gyros and souvlaki. There's also (most fried) seafood options like a shrimp basket and fish sandwiches. They also serve breakfast all day. Try the Gyros Breakfast Sandwich, which comes with scrambled eggs & gyro meat in pita with hash browns.Check out their website which is listed in "Resources."

Mario's Pizza

Pining for Pizza? Head to Two-Fisted Mario's Pizza (1626 Market Street, (303) 623-3523) for thin-crust, New York style pies with a generous amount of your choice of toppings. Open until 2 AM Sunday through Wed and 3 AM through Thursday through Saturday, this pizza parlor is a mix of college-town charm and a trendy vibe. They also have salads for the health conscious, calzones for those who aren't and beer if you want to imbibe.


Craving Mexican? Named after a highly potent alcohol, Mezcal (3230 E Colfax Avenue, (303) 322-5219) stays open every night until 2 AM. Though the decor is (a bit overdone) Mexican, the crowd ranges from the hipster to neighborhood local seeking late night fare and the mood is casual and relaxed for conversation. Start with Rajas Con Queso (roasted green chilies with onions, tomatoes, and cheese), and then move onto dishes like Steak Fajitas, Carnitas Norteñas (boiled pork with rice and beans on 2 corn tortillas, and a side of guacamole), or Salmon Reposado, which is marinated in Tequila and served with black beans, queso and Jalapeño salsa. They have a Myspace page posted under "Resources."

Jerusalem Resta

Hankering for hummus and Middle Eastern cuisine? Snag a seat on the enclosed patio of Jerusalem Restaurant (1890 E Evans Avenue, (303) 777-8828) which is open 24 hours on the weekends and 4 AM during the week. Perfect for vegetarians, there's more than just hummus; try the Fouel (a fava bean dip), salads like Tabbouleh and Fatoush, and Stuffed Grape Leaves. There's plenty of meat options as well, including Cornish hen stuffed with rice and onions, kabobs, lamb shanks and a steak dish called Kallayah, which is sirloin beef tips cooked with onions, tomatoes and peppers. Save room for their delicious phyllo dough pastries like Bird's Nest, which is filled with walnuts, drizzled with sweet syrup and topped with pistachios. They have a website posted below in "Resources."

9th door

Prefer small plates? Choose the 9th Door (1808 Blake Street, (303) 292-2229) which is open every day until 2 AM, except Sunday when it is closed. Have a glass of wine from South America or Spain while you dine on Spanish tapas in a warm, elegant ambiance. Choose from cold plates like Callo de Hacha, which are sea scallops with ham, lemon aioli, and arugula, Ensalada de Camarones y Aguacate, which comes with chilled shrimp and an avocado salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions, tossed in a light aioli dressing. For a warm plate, try Albondigas, which are classic Spanish meatballs served in a light tomato sauce. There's chocolate cake for dessert, but go for the more creative Frutas Sevillana, which a pear poached in white sangria, served with fresh strawberries, strawberry sorbet, and a red sangria honey drizzle. Their website is in "Resources."

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  1. Don't forget Sputnik's great late night happy hour! Sweet potato fries, habanero jam, wasabi mayo sauce 'til 2!