Friday, March 13, 2009

Top Dance Clubs in Denver

Address: 1475 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80202

Trendy beyond words, 5° offers stylish patrons a cool-retro place to cool their heels, sip a designer martini, and nosh from a small plates menu designed by Eric Roeder, Bistro Vendome's executive chef. Choose from 48 different martinis and sample tasty little morsels like Idiazabel with piquillo pepper confit/

La Rumba
Address: 99 W 9th St, Denver, CO 80204

Sleek, vibrant La Rumba issues a call to all serious salsa dancers! Moves are intense at the club, considered one of Denver's most popular Latin dance venues. A large dance floor beckons patrons to show off the intricacy of their salsa steps, and the bar makes available a variety of martinis and microbrews. Novices are pleased to discover that...

Address: 2430 S Havana, Aurora, CO 80014

Break out your cowboy boots! Stampede is the best for line dancing and Western swing, with a huge dance floor and great music. If fancy footwork isn't your thing, lessons are available (check their website for the schedule), but it's fun to sit and watch, too, because Stampede draws the area's most talented dancers around. And when the munchies...

The Church
Address: 1160 Lincoln St, Denver, CO 80203

Housed (not unexpectedly) in a former church, this nightspot takes adaptive reuse to a new level. Locals, in particular, love to dance the night away amid the gorgeous architecture of the striking building. Upbeat music reverberates throughout the large space, and young, single professionals capitalize on its reputation as one of Denver's best...

Address: 3500 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205

Through various incarnations and locations, Tracks has managed to stay popular and always packed. Although originally catering to the gay community, the club now draws a crowd that's extremely diverse. Everyone's here for a good time, so relax, down a couple of drinks and let your inner dance diva have free rein. Music spans a range of genres...

Address: 1082 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203

User rating: ( Rate It! )    |    Add to a Suitcasemajor fire and severe blizzard damage in past years and having lived to tell the tale. The diversity of experience the club offers has much to do with its success; the larger dance floor provides a more mainstream event for the casual clubber, and downstairs, intimate rooms are a haven for...

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