Thursday, July 1, 2010


Clash of the Foodies was a live gameshow at Japan Society's j-CATION on April 10, 2010. Colorful teams of showbiz stars, wrestlers and food experts across the city, featuring cabaret superstars Kenny Mellman (aka Herb of Kiki & Herb), Bridget Everett, and Neal Medlyn of Our Hit Parade, pro wrestler extraordinaire Queen of Squeeze Amazon Annie & Her Lobos Locas and daring bloggers squad The Taste Buds with James The Eaten Path, Yvo the Feisty Foodie Paystyle the Umamimart master cocktailier, and Mary Ann the Puff & Choux gather to compete in a live game show that will challenge all five senses. It'll take stamina, lightning-fast reflexes and a connoisseurs palate to emerge victorious! Hosted by culture clash comedian, Kenji America. Watch the whole contest here - Check out our j-CATION wrap-up page for photos and more -
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