Sunday, September 26, 2010


Recipe / Notes / Links? �~S PLEASE CLICK THE " ︾ " BUTTON OVER HERE �~a * *SHOP http *BLENDERS *ENZYMES http *NUTRITIONAL ESSENTIALS *PROBIOTICS http *SHOP in our amazon store *AMAZON direct shopping http *GIFT us *FACEBOOK me http ❤ COCONUT ALMOND YOGURT RAW LIVING FOOD RECIPE ❤ * I ngredients * � 1 cup Germinated Really Raw Almonds* (to germinate them, first soak them in water for 24 hours, rinsing them and changing the water every 8 hours...then STRAIN the water away before using them in this recipe) *TO ORDER REALLY RAW ALMONDS cost is $60 for a 5 pound bag INCLUDING shipping! e-mail Bruce, the almond guy OR call (949) 922-0919 & please tell Bruce that Dan sent you! � 2-3 Thai Young Coconuts (2-3 Young Coconut Meats + 1-2 Young Coconut Waters) � ¼ cup Nutritional Essentials from NCP (Natural Choice Products) � 1 heaping scoop of Probiotic Blend Powder from NCP (Natural Choice Products) http * P rep * � 1) Toss the strained germinated really raw almonds into your Vita-mix blender, or whatever blender is the best blender for you: � 2) Open the young coconuts to get the coconut water out�watch this vid if you need help Pour the young coconut water out of each coconut and set aside for use later in this recipe. � 3) Using a ...
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