Thursday, September 9, 2010

Raw Food Recipes - Mango Coconut Meat Power Smoothie

Raw Food Recipes ❤ Mango Coconut Meat Power Smoothie ❤ INGREDIENTS: 1 Young Coconut (water from) ❤ 3 Young Coconuts (meat from) ❤ 2 Mangoes (make sure they are ripe and tasty!) ❤ PREPARATION: 1) Blend in Vita-Mix*, or other high-powered blender 2) Enjoy! ❤ *I recommend the commercial grade Vita-Mix blenders from their "Vita-Prep" line. The premium model, which I use is the Vita-Prep 1005: The next step down is the Vita-Prep 1002: ❤ Yes, these blenders cost A LOT compared to the average blender you grew up with, but this is no ordinary blender. It is VERY, VERY powerful and it will last *forever*, as long as you show it love. It is well worth the investment...especially if you think of it as an investment in your health and well-being! ;-)
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