Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tzatziki - Greek Food Recipe

MORE RECIPES: I receive several requests every month for a Tzatziki sauce recipe, so I finally decided to oblige and provide my own take on the famous dip. If you enjoy Tzatziki, you will love this recipe for the ultimate Greek food condiment for meat dishes, sandwiches, pita, and crackers. Creating a recipe video is always a learning experience. This is my first cameo appearance in an instructional Greek cooking video (I have to admit, I was a little nervous), so there is much room for improvement from a presentational, technical, and production value standpoint. On the other hand, I believe my recipe for a classic Tzatziki sauce leaves very little room for improvement, as the result is simply excellent - even if I do say so myself. Rich and creamy, with a bold garlicky flavour mingled with the freshness of the cucumber and dill, this sauce (or dip, or salad) will have you, your family, friends, and guests coming back for more. Just make sure to refrigerate it well before serving as the flavours need some time to coalesce in order to impart the full gustatory sense of this "salad" that eats like a sauce. Let me just say that I likely could have edited this video until the cows came home (figuratively of course, we don't have a dairy farm), but I am happy with the recipe, so I decided to publish it as is. My one solace: I am quite certain that after watching this Greek recipe video, you will not easily forget how to make a great Tzatziki sauce ...
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